Mobile Applications

Consumer Applications

Consumer market has been overwhelmed by a plethora of devices that add tremendous value to our daily lives. Even with hundreds of thousands of apps, customers want even more. It has become mandatory to have your business adding value on these devices in addition to being present on the traditional computer (Desktop and the PC). Consumers want the products that enrich their life to be with them at all times, powered on and being accessible at the touch of a button.

Line of Business Applications

Empower your workforce and your customers with the best software to work with. Enhance the potential of your business with your outreach while providing a highly interactive applications that are easy, secure and reliable.

Leveraging the Power of the World Wide Web

NOW is the time to move ahead and put your products on the mobile phones and the tablets. Why wait when you could do more! At Invent we work with you to have your applications at the fingertips of your customers, delivered from the cloud into a browser at your customer’s convenience. We specialize in mobile web applications that just use HTML5 and CSS3 requiring no further installation on the customer tablets or mobile phones.

Native Applications on Android and Apple Devices

Based on your requirements we are happy to work on Android and iOS applications that are native and install from Google Play and Apple store.